Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To Beat The Scram Bracelet

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some brethren today's headlines in the morning, Tuesday, February 8, the decision by the Brotherhood of the Shroud to prevent the passage of the Brotherhood in the vicinity of the "Mushrooms" of the Incarnation. Referring to recollection, the last City Council Officers estimated that by next Friday the Corporation will surround the new building designed by the peculiar Jürgen Mayer. A brave decision reinforces a person's worth is praised Brotherhood in their ways.

likely that many might be accused of being ridiculous a decision of this caliber. It is obvious that the guilds are all but forced to get along with a constant dynamic scenario (and have been doing for centuries), but so is the legitimacy as independent entities when they have to make changes of this nature. Of course, always without interfering with the other guilds of the day and with the affirmative of CEPA.

Thus, from the Brotherhood define the following one-way itinerary : Bustos Tavera, Doña María Coronel, Dueñas, San Juan de la Palma, Fair, Castellar, Alberto Lista, Saavedra, Plaza de San Martín, Cervantes, San Andrew Amor de Dios, San Miguel, Trajan Plaza del Duque and the Plaza de la Campana.

To turn : Placentines, Franks, Cuesta del Rosario, Jesus of the Three Falls, Plaza de la Alfalfa, Odreros, Boteros, Sales and Ferré, Plaza del Cristo de Burgos, Doña María Coronel and Bustos Tavera.

With this determination, we lose the overwhelming picture that took place with the arrival of the Mystery to the Convent of the Sisters of the Cross. For its part, the cortege will transit through San Juan de la Palma, San Martin and San Andrés. to see the reactions ...

(Image from the website of the Hdad. Of the Shroud)
Pereira José Antonio Martín


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