Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Do Scorpio Men Like Their Women To Dress

A site to report harassment Coca-Cola Street

Women, say algunxs and in dire Coca-Cola advertising , we love that we compliment. And it's true. Some women, who believe that the male gaze is essential to feel full , I love those little noises like "tch-tch-tch", those whistles that look like how we call the dogs on these considerations salacious our attributes, and other romantic comments like "suck my dick all, bitch."

But many women eyes opened to what really mean the compliments: psychological terrorism, harassment, objectification of women. Involved in the idea that Street is an unsafe place for a woman alone.

Some of those women who got tired of being treated like vaginas with legs necessarily have to feel flattered by the stares and lewd comments of some men, have opened an Internet site, End street harrasment ("stop the street harassment "), which has become a blog in which any woman can submit your own experience.

The site is called Holla back and invite all who suffered harassment street up his testimony and if they do, their technique to react!

There I told mine:
"The first time I "complimenting" I had just turned 12 years. Baby was very, very innocent, and I remember feeling very uncomfortable, and have felt guilty about what I had said.

had gone to the corner of my house to buy an ice cream cone. I went home licking my ice cream when a man about 60 years followed me and I began to ask: "Is it rich that ice cream? How beautiful how you suck! "

I felt very guilty for sucking an ice cream, because although neither knew that there was fellatio, I understood the sexual allusion and clearly thought I had caused that. Never

more in my life I could eat an ice cream cone without causing that feeling of being men ... "
What is the importance of witnessing? The site explain:
" harassment on the streets has taught us to remain silent, but that could change. We should not tolerate harassment in our homes, at work or school, and that is why we will not tolerate on the streets. In telling your story become a lonely and isolating experience into one that is shared . This makes no longer care about you and start putting into the stalker is. And finally, you become part of a global community that supports you. "
For Finally, a touch of humor to something found on the Facebook group " not street harassment or" compliments "(verbal violence to women) "


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